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  1. I had a bad, very painful UTI for which a doctor prescribed me Ciprofloxacin. Not only did it do absolutely nothing to alleviate my symptoms, but it actually made the problem MUCH worse, AND gave me a yeast infection, which is one of the most uncomfortable and disgusting things I’ve ever endured. Antibiotics are a double-edged sword; they may kill bad bacteria, but they also wipe out good bacteria in your gut as well, which impairs your body’s natural defense systems badly. So if the antibiotics do not successfully kill the infection, your ailment will always worsen.

    After researching home remedies extensively, I decided to try garlic, as well as a host of other foods/beverages with antiseptic and antibiotic properties as well. Along with baking soda, tons of water, apple cider vinegar, pure unsweetened cranberry juice/supplements, probiotic supplements, and temporarily removing all bread and sugar from my diet, I ate 9 garlic cloves a day (3 per meal) and my symptoms were gone in less than a week. It seemed like a miracle.

    Everything in every “reputable” medical journal I read online insisted that UTI’s cannot be cured with anything except antibiotics, and it is simply not true. Antibiotics should NEVER be taken except in extreme circumstances, because they oftentimes hurt more than they help. While I appreciate your gentleness towards medical practitioners in the article above, much of conventional medicine is a profit-based scam. Let nature do what it was meant to do–heal you, help you, allow you to thrive. Studies to gauge the efficacy of natural treatments for many common ailments go untested and undocumented because NO pharmaceutical company would ever fund a study that would hurt its profits.

    If possible, and if you would permit it, I would love to post my experience with garlic as an antibiotic on your website, as well as the regiment of treatments I used to get rid of my infection so others can find it as well. 🙂

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