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  1. Does garlic cause allergies?

    • If you have a garlic allergy, then it is certainly going to cause you an allergic reaction, however, if you have no allergies to it, then you have nothing to be scared of.

  2. Can garlic cause a miscarriage?

  3. stuffkitchen says:

    What is the best garlic press you’ve used?

    • So far, the best garlic press I have ever used is from a brand called OXO and it is fantastic and very robust.

  4. Do u recommend mixing fresh minced garlic with v8?

    • Hi Susan, I see no problem with that, but I can recommend a better thing: prepare a green smoothie and add three cloves of raw garlic in it, then blend everything, it tastes explosive and you will feel great all day long.

  5. I always give my cat half a clove a day, is it dangerous for him?

  6. for how much time as in hours do we need to keep this on before we wash it off???

  7. Taking Garlic daily is good or bad
    I have ED since 6 months only
    because of diabetes mellites 2 taking
    met for min 850 mg×2 with food has effected
    my sex .

    • It’s great but you need to see whether it can interfere with the medications you are taking, if it’s not, then it will help you.

  8. Plzzz sugest me i alwys make a paste of garlic and aply in hair ao like this it will help for regrowth and stop hai falling. Plzzzz

  9. i stumble upon upon your site finding a cure for my issue,ive been having problems, i think its internal, like when i go the bathroom the first stool is hard to pass but when that first stool pass already everything is fine the problem is it hurts the skin around my anus and i know its gonna bleed because i can feel the skin are breaking.will doing the garlic as suppositories will help me cure it? its not bleeding as of the moment.

    thank you in advance for your response.

    • You are having a problem with hard stools, drink at least three litters of water daily, then try using garlic, it will help too.

  10. Hie noah first of all thank u so much for creating such a website where people initiate to help … It feels so good and a positive hope arises automatically reading that people succeed in recovering their bald patches .
    I am 20 and having 3 bald patches i noticed them the last december . when i touch the scalp i can feel a certain hair growth but as the new baby is too thin i cant see them clearly . Can garlic combined with ginger help me or garlic with aloe vera ? Which one can boost the growth to the maximum ?

  11. Handsome Bob says:

    Hi Noah,
    i am having an issue with my erection for quite some time. its been difficult for me to get it up without intensive lubricating or even porn. and i even dropped it while on Act. can you plz suggest how many months it might take to recover from it if i started using garlic as you advise.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Hi, so sorry to read about your problem, but in general it takes about three months of good garlic intake and a healthy, whole food and no animal products diet to get stronger erections.

  12. Baloon lagoon says:

    What kind of soil can garlic be best cultivated?

  13. Regarding storing black garlic, you suggest in a paper bag then put the paper bag in a eremitic plastic bag. What is a eremitc bag?

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