Using garlic for tooth infection

Garlic is an extremely beneficial herb that can be used for different issues, from high fevers to infections; however, most people do not know that garlic can also be used efficiently for tooth infections.

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So, can you use garlic for tooth infection?

It’s very simple, garlic is going to create a numbness which is going to stop the pain almost immediately, and garlic is also going to create a burning sensation in your mouth, this burning sensation is neither negative nor dangerous at all, in fact, this sensation is the main reason why garlic is so effective for calming tooth pain, it’s simply the reaction of garlic with the bacteria and other dangerous germs that are infecting your mouth!

So, this is how to use garlic for tooth infection:

Take one large garlic clove, peel it, and rinse it with warm water, then start showing it!

I know that this is going to look horrible and even painful, and it is, but trust me, this is one of the most efficient ways to heal and drive the pain away from your tooth infection and it will work almost instantly!

The pain will be gone within just a few seconds and taking garlic daily for two weeks is going to get rid of every pain and infection in your mouth.

However, you should be aware that chewing garlic cloves is going to create a burning sensation in your mouth, and unless you spit it, your mouth is going to keep burning painfully.

The next thing you have to know is that you should never swallow the chewed garlic, unless your stomach is full, because otherwise, you would simply vomit!

Now, let’s talk about another amazing way to use garlic for tooth infection.

After showing garlic clove and spitting it, a great way to drive the bad smell away and to increase the numbness and relief feeling in your mouth and in your teeth is to use three drops of cloves oil as mouthwash.

Cloves oil is also very beneficial for tooth infection and will make the pain go away; it’s also going to increase the numbness in your mouth.

This is how to use garlic for tooth infection, if you have other ways and other techniques, please share them.


  1. windell avery says:

    After a “bad” visit to a dentist to resin a root canal, I began to have a pain in the tooth next to the root canal. The dentist told me that it was possibably cracked and he would have to pull it and the root canal and perform a bridge. I could not afford this so started chewing a clove of garlic daily and putting chopped up garlic in my food daily. To my astonishment the pain went away as well as the infection that was setting in. I credit garlic with completely healing my teeth and eliminating the pain along the way. Garlic is part of my daily diet now.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Good for you! I’ve done the same thing some five years ago, I started chewing garlic roll and it helps me get rid of my bad breath! Garlic is simply amazing.

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