Using garlic for infections

Would you like to use garlic for infections? Well, I have the right solution for you, and whether you are suffering from skin infections or internal problems, garlic is going to help you tremendously, and here is why:

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It contains amazing natural antibiotics, in other words, compounds that will destroy bacteria and funguses very efficiently, and the wonderful thing is that garlic contains so many of these that it will be nearly impossible for bacteria to develop resistance against them!

Indeed, this is the miracle of garlic, it has been consumed for thousands of years by people, and no bacteria has ever developed resistance against it, in other words, if you are suffering from diarrhea for example and you consume raw garlic, it will stop!

It’s because garlic is so powerful and contains so many compounds and so many molecules that will act as antibiotics that bacteria are simply going to dwindle in number very quickly, which will give your immune system a boost to take charge again and to heal you.

In the end, garlic is not going to “cure” you; garlic is only going to lower infections for your immune system to tip over the balance and get rid of them!

However, if you are suffering from serious infections, I really recommend that you check with your doctor first before attempting to do anything, and please, remember this:

Never use garlic as antibiotic, it doesn’t work and it’s not as efficient as the many antibiotics we have nowadays, so, if you are just suffering from mild diarrhea or cough, then, you can use garlic for some few days, however, if you are suffering from serious infections, in your skin or in your internal organs for example, then please check with your doctor!

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I’m not a doctor!

Anyway, let’s say that you are suffering from internal infections; you have a problem with your stomach or your intestines. Well, the best way for you to use garlic is to eat it on a daily basis for at least fifteen consecutive days!

Last winter, I had terrible diarrhea every day! I swear, I couldn’t keep myself from going to the bathroom at least five times a day, and it was very painful!

Well, I kept thinking to myself of the things I have done during the previous few days, and I realized that I had lots of fish, so, I immediately started peeling and mincing garlic cloves, three, every night, before going to bed, then, I would swallow them with lots of water.

I swear to God, within just three days, I was completely healed and my bowel movements were very normal and healthy as well!

Of course, I smelled a little, but I was extremely happy with the results.

I will be grateful to garlic for my whole life, it has helped me and my family a lot.

Now, what if you are suffering from skin infections?

Well, you can use the brute force technique, which is to cut one garlic clove into half and rub it onto your skin, however, I don’t like this, and I prefer to use a more civilized method so to speak, which is using garlic oil.

So, I highly recommend that you buy garlic oil, because most of the time, when you make it at home, you will mess the ingredients a little and you will have terrible results afterwards, so just buy good quality garlic oil, it’s much more efficient.

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Apply it using a little piece of cotton and cover using a band aid, it will work fantastically well.

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