My Story

Throughout my life I have been very weak and fragile, I remember sometimes that the flu wouldn’t leave me all year long, my nose was always running and I was always having headaches!

After starting a new job in a foreign country, Morroco, I began taking more care of my health, by eating the right foods and doing more physical exercises, it was efficient to some extent, I’ve lost some weight, but I was still very weak and my health wasn’t great at all.

Here in Morroco, people swear by garlic, whenever someone has a health problem, the first thing he will probably do is to crush some garlic and eat it with some olive oil and bread!

To me, a European, this sounded out of the question, I couldn’t do it because in my mind, I was attached to the idea of always smelling nice and looking good, and by ingesting garlic regularly, I would put my hygiene at risk!

One very cold winter, I was thrown in bed for nearly two weeks, I couldn’t breathe normally and I had to go to the hospital because the cold nearly killed my lungs!

When I got out, I decided to experiment with garlic and to see whether it can help me or not.

Let me tell you that every day, I crashed at least one clove of garlic and swallow it with water and a bit of olive oil, and from my first experiments with garlic, I only caught one small cold, and I hadn’t fever at all!

Garlic is a miraculous plant, it is not only good for the health, it is also good for the mood. This website is about proving to the readers that garlic isn’t just bad breath, it is also high nutrition and a great taste.

And trust me, when it comes to bad breath in the garlic smell, there are hundreds of way to get rid of it, so what’s keeping you from enjoying the health benefits of garlic?

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