How to use garlic for treating hemorrhoids

Garlic is very helpful and extremely beneficial for treating hemorrhoids, at first, I couldn’t believe this because I thought that hemorrhoids were incurable!

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But after reading extensively about their causes, I found out that garlic was not only very efficient for curing them, but extremely beneficial for preventing them.

Hemorrhoids are a collection of veins that are located in the anal canal, their primary role is to help with stool control, when they become inflamed and irritated, we commonly call them “hemorrhoids”.

At first, I thought that hemorrhoids were muscles that tear up, but this is totally wrong, they are vascular organs that are going to get inflamed and swollen, this is the reason why they become painful and extremely frustrating.

Let’s talk now about the best ways to use garlic for treating hemorrhoids.

The first way is to use garlic as a suppository.

This is probably the best way to treat hemorrhoids using garlic, because it’s the most direct method, the most rapid and effective one.

However, before starting to treat hemorrhoids this way, you need to understand why they get inflamed and what can you do about it.

According to many readings and many studies, hemorrhoids get inflamed when people “push” when they are in the bathroom, I don’t want to talk about all the scientific words and research, I will explain what I have understood: when you go to the bathroom and you “push” when defecating, this will cause high pressure on the hemorrhoids and on the long run, this is going to “hang them out”!

Now, I started asking myself why do most people and even I “push” when we are in the bathroom!? It’s because of constipation!

When we are constipated, even if we have small bowel movements, we are still going to feel that “ there is something left“, that is why push!

So, the first important measure in order to get rid of hemorrhoids is to get rid of the constipation.

The best way to get rid of constipation is to applying these two simple steps:

The first one is to consume three tablespoons of ground flaxseeds a day, trust me, this is what I do every day and no matter what I eat, I will always go to the bathroom and “get rid of” everything.

The second step is to drink at least five cups of water a day, three cups in the morning when you wake up and then you can drink as much water as you want and need. The most important step is the first three cups of water you drink in the morning.

Water is extremely important for having regular bowel movements, because it’s going to hydrate your body and thus will soften your stools and make them less “sticky” in your colon.

If you do not do these two steps, you are simply not going to be able to get rid of hemorrhoids, even after using garlic!

Let me help you with hemorrhoids! Answer a few questions to get my free report: 10 foods you are eating daily that make hemorrhoids worse!

Now, let me show you how to use garlic for getting rid of your painful and embarrassing hemorrhoids.

Use a garlic suppository!

I’m not kidding, I’m serious!

Every night, simply take one medium garlic clove, peel it, and then press it just a little to make the garlic juice active, then insert it in your anus!

This may be extremely painful the first times you use it, however, after a few sessions, you are simply going to feel relieved.

This may also look and feel extremely embarrassing, but you need to remember that you are going to do it in the privacy of your home, no one should know about it.

Trust me, this will get rid of the inflammations and the sores in your hemorrhoids very quickly, which is going to get rid of them extremely fast.

Now, the next step in getting rid of hemorrhoids using garlic is to consume raw garlic every day.

It’s because hemorrhoids are inflammatory in their nature, after all, that is why they cause pain and that is why they get extremely red.

When you start eating garlic every day, it’s going to help you get rid of the inflammations and also help you lower the amount of pain in your body.

One easy way to consume garlic is to do as follows:

Before you go to bed, crush three cloves of garlic that you need to have peeled before, mice them, and then swallow them with at least one cup of water.

Let me help you with hemorrhoids! Answer a few questions to get my free report: 10 foods you are eating daily that make hemorrhoids worse!

You should also eat something before doing this as garlic tends to be very upsetting to the stomach when it’s empty!


  1. Hello, I am currently suffering external hemorrhoids. My question is, as a suppository, how long does the garlic has to stay in the anus to reach maximum effectiveness?

    Thank you.

  2. external hemorrhoids problem here… found your page and feel lucky.

    thank you so much.

    • Noah Alam says:

      You’re welcome.

      • Hi Dear,

        Good day,

        my hemorrhoid gone after i follow your instruction on this website.
        it take within a week to reduce my hemorrhoid, and last week i check my “butt”, the hemorrhoid is completely gone.

        Thank you very very much.

  3. Hi i am proud to be a hemorrhoid survivor because with intense research I found out that the hemorrhoids cure can be simply a clove of garlic.

  4. hi i have alittle blood with a recent hem,is it ok to try the garlic,i read a few posts that say garlic will not help if it bleeding. i have also noticed with this hem im getting a watery discharge which is rather annoying and making me sore so not only do i have a throbbing hem but a sore bum too 🙁
    A. Do you know what this disharge is and will garlic help B,how long will this discharge last.
    thanks for ya help 🙂

    • Yes, stay away from garlic if you are bleeding, it can cause pain and won’t help the tissues recover. Sorry, I have no idea what the discharge is! But it seems very critical, better consult a doctor about your condition.

  5. RIAZ UL HAQUE says:

    Dear i tried this before reading your article and found this amazing i may ask if we apply garlic paste instead of inserting it into anus.

    • That’s fantastic. Unfortunately, the past will not work, better use a crushed clove instead.

      • h. sufferer says:

        Why won’t the paste work? I read that garlic is best used fresh, but if you wait 5 to 7 minutes, after mincing, dicing, slicing, crushing, cutting, or pasting; it has more of a “medicinal” effect. Not trying to discredit anything you say, just asking for a reason why fresh garlic paste wouldn’t work.
        Thank you,

        • You are correct, but hemorrhoids must be exposed to garlic for a long time, the past will spill and won’t help you, but if you slightly crush a clove and use it as a suppository, it will work wonders.

  6. Does garlic oil work? I was thinking that I could mix minced garlic with olive oil and then apply the oil.

    • Yes, but not as with raw garlic.

    • Use cold coconut oil with minced garlic, mix it together, shape some suppositories on a wax paper on a plate and put them in the fridge for a little bit, so they will be hard enough to pick it up and insert it. You can form them with the heat of your fingers to take the rough edges off if needed.
      Worked for me.

  7. Rozlyn Madol says:

    My friends used this methos for years. Highly effective for him. I gave it a try last night- success! It felt like the clove relieves a pressure too. I’m a little scared though. When i woke this morning- pain all gone- but I can’t find the clove in my anus?! What should I do?

    • Don’t worry, it may have dissolved a little and passed out when you went to the bathroom, in general, garlic is very safe, after all it’s a vegetable 🙂

  8. thank Noah. Please me find out if this condition is piles. i severe back pain, mucus and slimy discharge from the anus, samples of small but thick clots of blood in my faecal substance, itchy anu and side neck to head aches. also is little pains in the scrotum. can garlic help to relieve me of this problems. many thanx for your piece of work.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t garlic or any other homemade solution can help you, you have to seek the help of a doctor.

  9. Thanks for your reply. my girlfriend is suffering from candidiasis. will consuming and inserting of garlic help her situation.

  10. Thank you for sharing this good information.

  11. Dear can garlic help to relieve intestinal blockages, as i feel when go to bathroom that something is blocking stool to pass smoothly, although changing some sitting postures help.

    • Yes, it will help you, crush three to five garlic cloves, mince them and then, after a meal, swallow with a large glass of water, it’s super.

      • Hi,

        Is garlic can cure external hemorrhoids permanantly? I have severe constipation only first stool hard but remaining are ok. I really embarrase with this. Pls help me to get rid of it

        • Unfortunately, you will need surgery if it’s painful, if it’s not, you need time and a change of your diet ASAP.

      • i have a question can i give a little boy at age of 6 garlic to swallow because i do not want him to go through such mess and pains

        • It can be a little harsh on his digestive system, but if it’s in law quantities, half a clove for example, then, I think you can, after all, it’s a vegetable.

  12. This garlic method is amazing! Its ease away the pain I started using it yesteday and I slept peacefully throughout the night I will always use it! But my question is does hemo shrink with this garlic method?

    • Yes, it will shrink, but take good care of your diet and hydration, they are essential to the long term success of this method.

  13. Almuhy temmy Taja says:

    let me try it if its cud workout well for me

  14. How long will one need to consume garlic orally and as a suppository to cure Hemorrhoids on and off for the last 10 years.


    • It depends on their gravity, for me, it took three days to stop the pain, but then, I started changing my diet and drinking a lot of water, better try it and see the results for your self.

  15. Hi I was a sufferer and I heard about garlic as a means to relive the pain and inflammation,at the time I did not have raw garlic,only garlic paste so I used the paste applied it to some toilet paper and placed it on the anus area left it overnight and when I awoke the next morning I there was no pain and the swelling had decreased in size, after a few applications over a few days it was all gone….so all I am saying is it’s up to you to give a go and good luck

  16. I have internal hems. I have been using garlic supposiroty (garlic clove with little crushed) since a month. After 15 days I started, it bleeded twice for an hour each and felt hems are shrunk. But, after that I am not seeing significant effect. Its just paining and tingling sensation. How long it will take to heal it completely?

    • Now, you should focus on your diet and bathroom habits. First, eat rich fiber foods, lots of water, at least three liters a day, and don’t “push” in the bathroom, let your body relax and do its work. Keep on using garlic, it will help you.

      • Thanks Noah! I take softner. I don’t have to push. But, sometimes it happens by itself and hems protrude during defecation, but little unlike previously. Will update after some days. Thanks again!

  17. thank you for this info.. i started to do this step last to days but i felt that theres a lots of air in my stomach, it is normal? and any idea how long do i need to do this to see if it is effective to me. thanks n best regards…

    • It’s completely fine, don’t worry, the effectiveness depends on your state, if you have terrible hemorrhoids, it will take you much longer.

  18. harishi var says:
  19. good treatment info, and I think the addition of information as to how one manifests hemorrohoids would be even better. Best author I’ve seen on this subject, and his books are excellent, is Bernard Jensen (in particular, “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management”). Inflammation and an overly acidic bloodstream are always involved when one develops hemorrohoids. Thanks, and keep up the great work/service 🙂

  20. Yesica Flores says:

    can witch hazel be more effective than garlic or is it the same when treating a hemorrhoid?

    • From what I’ve read, they’re both good, but I’ve tried garlic, so, this is the one I tend to recommend to my friends.

  21. Hi.

    I would like to thank you for sharing this treatment.
    I started to use it since last night.
    1- I have a case of both hemorrhoids and anal fissure, do you think this will help my both cases?
    2- Do you think that hemorrhoids can disappear completely?


    • For your hemorrhoids, it will definitely help you, but for the anal fissure, I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this subject, and yes, if you took good care of your diet, it may disappear completely, but this will also depends on its gravity and stage.

  22. jeff santos says:

    Hi Noah,

    It’s nice to read steps of treatment. My questions are; what i do to a clove is that i crush it and mince it and swallow it followed by water. Is that ok? Even if i don’t chew on it? And is it safe to eat one clove of garlic everyday? Lastly, are these definitely gonna work eventually?

    By the way may i ask if you are a doctor? Thanks i would appreciate a response from you 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, here are my answers: Yes, it’s ok, I personally eat three cloves a day 😉 and yes, it has worked for me, why not try it and see for yourself. No, I’m not a doctor, I’m an IT consultant.

  23. Hi i have external hemorroids for about 5yrs and i wonder why do i put it inside my anus? When it’s on external.

    • They are external, it’s true, but they have a reason, and garlic is going to combat it from the sources. Just try it, what do you have to lose? It’s a vegetable, it’s healthy and it has helped so many with their hemorrhoids issues.

  24. Have internal hemorrhoids. Pass soft stools every morning after drinking to glasses of warm. Painful when I sit on hard surface. Can garlic help.

    • Yes, of course, you should change your diet and stop “pushing” when in the bathroom, just let your bowels do their jobs, and also, try to eat a lot of fiber rich foods.

    • Thanks for your help. Have followed your instructions. This is great. Have already felt a change. Have also read on your website about using a garlic clove as a suppository. This works well.

    • Sheila, I got haemorrhoids from pushing too much trying to pass out soft stools. After a recent holiday where I was eating green leaves twice a day I realised that they hardened and I had quicker trips to the toilet. So you may want to check that about your diet. Now I’m here trying to get rid of the piles and will look into surgery to cut off a skin tag… >.<

  25. Its hard for me to discharge

  26. Do you have any recommendations or home remedies for bleeding hemorrhoids?

    • I have never experienced them before, but a friend did and from his experience, nothing really helped him, his doctor gave him a lotion which stopped the bleeding, you should consult yours as well, and then, start using garlic as indicated, it will help you as well.

  27. First large external hemorrhoid will it help and make it go away

  28. After months of itching and discomfort, I tried this method last night with a small glove and it worked wonders. It was a little uncomfortable sleeping but I woke up in the morning with absolutely no itching and can tell that the pile has shrunk a bit. Amazing! I’ll stick with it another day or two and see if that completely clears it up.

    • Try to use it for more often, it has only benefits, not side effects, apart from a little garlicky smell.

  29. asif mohammad salehin says:

    i have been sufferring hemorhoid ….. but its bleeding sometimes…..
    can i take garlic orally…… is it helpful for hemorroid??
    Thank you.

    • YEs, it’s helpful, but it would also help you tremendously if you use it as a suppository.

  30. i have a small lump on my anus i think its hemmoroid. i have consipation problem too ,so i m working on my diet too,
    its only painful when i touch or rub it.
    i read ur blog now i m using garlic cloves .
    lets hope for the best …i just hope its shrinks off (Y)

  31. Hello. I developed severely painful hemorrhoids overnight. I am pregnant and think it’s simply because the baby dropped. Unfortunately I still have a few weeks left but I cannot stand or sit without extreme pain. Will garlic help? My diet is good, I drink tons of water, and I’m not overweight, just pregnant.

    • Well, I don’t really know!! You can try and see for your self, but from what my wife tells me, you can since hemorrhoids that cause pain during a pregnancy are inflamed, and garlic is good at lowering pain.

  32. I see so much about apple cider vinegar for hemorrhoids. any thoughts?

  33. But the problem is that consumption on a daily basis for a long period of time leads to the thinness, I mean flaxseed.
    thank you.
    I appreciate that for you.

  34. Hi. I need your help. First of all thank you for your info .
    I have a strange hemorrhoid that becomes swell “only if I push” and after that it returns back to normal alone in a few seconds. I have this hemorrhoid for over 10 years and it’s not getting bigger and also don;t want to go away. I have some pain from time to time caused by this strange hemorrhoid .
    I have fallowed your advice and after I inserted one piece of garlic first it was a burning-irittation sensation fallowed by a heat sensation .
    The next day my ass looks a little swell and irritated and now I see 7 or 8 veins that are bigger and a little swell. Is this normal ?.Should I continue this treatment ?.
    I eat raw garlic for over 20 years and I enjoy garlic so I don’t have allergies to garlic.
    It seems just that this treatment is to agressive . Maybe is better to dilute the garlic ?

    • First, don’t ever, never, ever push!!!!! It’s very dangerous for your rectum! It’s ok during the first days, drink at least three litters of water, don’t eat meats and diary products for at least a week, to cleanse your colon, take at least fifteen grams of fibers a day, it’s a must to see good results.

  35. I have one large internal that I want to try the garlic method to get rid of it, I’m just scared it won’t come back out bc I already have a hard time using the bathroom bc of my large hemorrhoid and slight constipation. Should I still try the garlic?

    • First, lower your meat intake, for a weeks, start drinking lots of water, at least three litters, take a minimum of fifteen grams of fibers a day and I’m sure you will see good results.

  36. After my use of garlic for two weeks, I noticed the appearance of a tumor about the rectum Is continued to use garlic or pause in the case.

  37. I have a doctor in my family and he told me that 98% of hemorrhoids cases are because of anal sexual activities done in the past and he also told me that doctors know that but they play the role of not knowing in front of the patient .. we humans are made of sperm and we come out from a vagina …so we are a very pervert specie so nothing unusual after a month to scream in agony WITH A HUGE HEMORRHOID

  38. Excuse me, wait for you answer when asked my question earlier. Can you respond.

    • Mohamed, it is not just using garlic as a suppository, but also you should eat it in your diet…Garlic is really a strong antibiotic, and I would also add using Rutin 500 ml…bi-t-tawfiiq,

  39. No doctor will ever recommend garlic for hemorrhoids. Doctors are close minded and they kill you slowly with antibiotics and medication. I made some discoveries .Large amounts of fibers in time irritate the colon and sometimes stools are huge because of how fibers work .. large amounts of water (like 3 kg) is also dangerous in time because water can eliminate the mineral deposits and water is absorbed in the small intestinal wall . No matter how many water you drink it never reaches the large intestinal wall because the human mechanism is very complex. It seems that fibers are good only for planned periods of time and that the large intestinal wall have a secret mechanism by witch secrets water . The key to this mechanism is magnezium – potassium combined with fat animal like oil fish – butter that triggers the hydratation and movement of the large intestinal walls.

  40. Hey Adam thank u so much for ur info….I’m on the garlic treatment n I get brutal pain after I insert it but after a while a pain eases…….my problem though’s that I have to go to the toilet now n then cos of diarrhea,n it gets painful…so painful I now don’t know what to do…will this hemorrhoids ever heal?…..thanx in advance

    • I’m not Adam 🙂 Anyway, try to also take garlic orally, of course, it will go away, just use the dieting tips in the post above.

  41. Hello brother God bless you for your help i have very small interl hemorrhoids i feel no blood or pain but iching and discomfort around the anal area only using a hermorrhoid cream for week but not some difference can i use garlic will it help me or i have tu use something else plz help me thanks

  42. I’ve been using garlic in suppository fell good for me i tried it 3days contineously before sleeping..i was painful at first but i felt releived.. However i only have 1tissue coming out and as i used galic as suppository i notices theres 2coming out and they become 3.. Im so worried about this,.i just wanna as if it is normal or it will gone as i contineously using garlic as suppository treatment..or is their another to less those coming out tissues i have?

    Thank you,

    God bless

    • Just keep using garlic, don’t forget to swallow three crushed and minced ones at night as well.

  43. Hi Noah, Thank you so much for sharing such helpful info… I used garlic and it really helps, but i wonder if I can used little oil around the clove to make it easily inserted, Would that help effectively? or would the oil dysfunction the garlic effectiveness?

  44. Hii
    After i read about garlic i inserted some garlic juice in anus but i felt unbearable inflammation for few minutes… I havent notice bleeding as yet… Should i go for garlic clove or not?

  45. Once the hemorrhoids are “gone” by using garlic they will ever come back if I stop using garlic or I must use garlic to keep them in control 3 or 4 times every week for the rest of my life ?. I mean garlic is a real cure or is just a solution to keep hemorrhoids in control ?.

    • There isn’t a real cure to hemorrhoids, unless you use surgery! They are due to our eating habits, mainly our lack of fibers, so, cut down on your meat, dairy and poultry intake and eat more beans and whole grains, that’s how I got “rid” of my hemorrhoids, I’m sure, the moment I start lowering my fiber intake, it will hunt me again.

  46. Hey i want to tell people those who r not very conscious about diet can add one teaspoon of butter to their meal… This is the best way to pass stool easily… It smoothens ur poop n grease ur rectum….

    • What about cholesterol and the saturated fats in it? Just take garlic, it’s healthier.

  47. 2nd timer says:

    Hi Noah,

    I just tried this method, however the garlic clove won’t stay inside. After inserting it, it slowly moves outside. How deep should it be inserted? Also, should I feel any pain or burning sensation?

    What I did now is crush the garlic and place it on a band aid then strap it on my anus.


  48. Count of Garlicristo says:

    I’ve had issues with reoccurring hemorrhoids for a year tried everything and recently got into drinking garlic tea. Noticed some slight improvement, definitely stopped the bleeding but the suppository was by far more relieving. I could feel it healing, a very subtle warm feeling. Thank you so much for this info! It really works!

    • Thanks you sir, and coming from Count of Garlicristo himself, I couldn’t be more honored 🙂

  49. my anus swollen up whenever Am passing out faeces is it haemorroids

  50. Hi Mr.Noah..I saw your blog and I read your suggestion about curing hemoriods using garlic..and I try garlic to cure my hemoriods and I found out that my hemoroids is become bigger than before. I’m so afraid what should I do plz help me..

  51. Garlic Bruns as hell says:

    Today I tried the Garlic OMG it burns as hell, how many times do I have to use it?

  52. Hi Noah,

    I took a quarter clove of garlic yesterday with a glass of water and after about 3 hours my body had absolutely no pain. And I could not believe how much better I felt. Until then I was crying in bed from pain and was not able to sit or stand up straight from the inflammation. And then this morning I had to go to the bathroom and it was another horrible experience. I kept thinking how did I feel better yesterday all the sudden?? I kept re-running the steps I took, the creams I used, the things I ate. and finally I remembered that I ate garlic. I’m like, Tha’ts It! the garlic.
    It must be the garlic! There is a girl on youtube who made a video of how to make coconut oil suppositories with minced garlic in them. So I did that today. And of course I swallowed raw garlic again with a glass of water.
    This just happened a couple of hours ago, so it’s all very fresh. I feel so much better already with those garlic + coconut oil suppositories in me so I had enough energy to do a search on garlic and hemorrhoids. This is how I found your website.
    I’ve been suffering for 2 and a half months now and spent hundreds of dollars on it, I’ve been out of work for a month and a half because of the unbearable pain. I have read thousands of blogs, websites and nobody ever mentioned garlic, nothing works. Nothing! I now own every single fissure, hemorrhoid and now pain killer sprays and creams, it’s ridiculous.
    I ONLY FOUND YOUR WEBSITE WHEN I PUT THE 2 TOGETHER: “GARLIC FOR HEMORRHOID” IN THE SEARCH. If I don’t include garlic, it does not show up. at least not to me. I wish it did months ago!
    Thank you for sharing! You are truly a life saver! I will eat garlic every day religiously! AMEN

  53. Hello, I have been using garlic for 4 nights now but no change and its becoming worse, had one pile but now another one is out with several small painful ones, am scared to continue using garlic, what’s your advice? Am in great pain

    • Noah Alam says:

      You need to stop, apparently, garlic does not suit your situation.

      • So what should I do?

        • john Abel says:

          I believe in ur treatment and I decided to try it, but when I tried inserting the garlic in my anus, it didn’t stay long and it came out. Although I experienced d unbearable pain at d first insert. D garlic did nt dissolve or melt
          in my anus as u said. What do I do?

  54. hey. could i use garlic for external thrombosed hemorrhoids ?

    • Noah Alam says:

      I really don’t have an opinion about this issue, but in general, garlic is very helpful, you can try it anyway and see whether it’s going to help you or not, give it three weeks.

  55. Hi . This treatment is to “extreme” and rude. Of course that garlic “disolve” any hemorrhoid but after many “extreme” applications the side effects will be nerve damage, DNA dammage surrounding the anal zone and after thousands and thousands applications some more serious complications like tummors or even cancer can become real . Garlic is a magic remmedy but only if applied correctly . Correctly means the right concentration . The right concentration means that the application should not create pain and a burning sensation or discomfort. Garlic must be diluted with coconut virgin oil and tested on your mouth and lips to see if the concentration is confortable or not . If is comfortable is ok . If is not confortable is very wrong. Don;t go extreme. If you eat 30 gr of garlic with 600 gr of food and you drink 500 gr of watter , that garlic quantity will not be concentrated in a single body point . On the contrarry . Insering a garlic in your ass means an extreme concentration in a single body small point …This is like eating 50 grams of raw garlic without any food or any watter and you can end in hospital ….Take care of your health . You should do a a lot of sport , eat healthy and drink only when thirsty . Don’t trinkk to much water if you[‘r not thirsty because you will lose minerals and this creates constipation because the body needs calcium , magnesium and potassium for the guts to work right. Also eating to much fibres in time will iritate your colon and will cause constipation and ……….. The only way to treat this disease is to listen your body and to act in equilibrium . No extreme. Just equilibrium

    • Noah Alam says:

      I can’t agree more, but on the short term, it’s very efficient and helpful. In the end, as with me, the best solution for treating hemorrhoids is to increase fiber intake as much as possible, replace refined carbs with whole ones and stop pushing when in the bathroom. Thanks for your very valuable opinion and advice.

  56. Hi Noah,

    Thanks for this valuable info.

    I am going to try it and will keep you posted as i am feeling some clots are around my anus.


  57. Hi Alam, I have a similar problem, I have insist garlic in to my anus, guy is really hot, I pray I can do it the next day n I pray it work, I really want to ask can garlic cure pneumonia, because I just read through some1 blog n is really working for me because I feel were I normally have that pain cold any time I take d garlic, I will take it for 1week then go for d lab text again.

    • Garlic has been studied and tested when it came to respiratory diseases and although it helps with some bacteria strains, I do not recommend using it for curing pneumonia, try to seek the help of a professional instead.

  58. Hello Noah,
    what I did was to put several cloves of garlic into a juice extractor, and made about 2 grams of garlic juice, used a syringe to absorb it and then sprayed 1 gram of it right into the spot, let me know what you think?
    And God bless you for your kind intention to help

  59. Hello,

    Thank you for the information provided. I have had surgery in 2009 and it is still happening again. I started taking garlic yesterday but I have to swallow it. I hope that is fine as well. What kind of flaxseed do you recommend. I am in Nigeria so I may have to order from the US.

  60. Ashutosh Singh says:

    I was suffering for External Hemorrhoid and then i came through this website and i used it as described above and it really helped me. When i woke up today, the pain was gone.
    Thank you Noah Alam to share this information.

  61. buy viralin plus ayurvedic tablets from chemist is permanent cure for hemmoroids in 10days 100% effective …

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