How to use garlic for sinus infection

Some people will tell you that using garlic for sinus infection does not work!

This is not true, the reality is that garlic is extremely efficient for treating sinus infection and it will get rid of your sinus problems efficiently and very quickly.

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But before we begin, I need to tell you that sinus infection can be very dangerous, especially when dealing with children, that is why you have to take any person in your family or yourself to the doctor as soon as the symptoms start.

Now, why is garlic efficient for sinus infection?

It’s because garlic is very high in antibiotic compounds, such as allicin.

These antibiotics are the ones responsible for getting rid of the microbes that are causing the sinus infection, however, most people do not really know how to use garlic for treating sinus infection, and this is what I’m going to show you in this post.

There are numerous ways to use garlic for curing and getting rid of your sinus infection, however, most of these methods rely on supplements!

I don’t say that they will not work, you are free to use garlic supplements, after all they are very convenient and will reduce the bad garlic smell in your body, but I highly recommend that you try this garlic methods first:

  1. The first thing you need is three cloves of garlic, you need to peel them very well
  2. The second thing you need is a glass bowl
  3. And the third thing you need is half a cup of warm water

Now, crush the garlic cloves and mince them very finely, then add them to the glass bowl and mix them with the warm water, then simply inhale and exhale from your nose the garlicky vapor.

This technique is extremely beneficial for cleaning your sinuses and getting rid of the infection symptoms rapidly.

The second step to getting rid and curing sinus infection using garlic is consuming raw garlic.

Cooked garlic is not going to help you a lot, because most of its amazing antibiotic compounds have already been destroyed by the heat, what you must do is simply take three garlic cloves and peel them, then crush and mince them.

Then simply swallow them, I repeat: swallow them! Do not chew them, they are extremely bitter and are going to upset your mouth and stomach!

Before swallowing the minced garlic, you need to have a full stomach, so as not to upset it.

This way, you are going to provide your body with huge amounts of nutrition and also amazing amounts of natural antibiotics that are not going to cause troubles to your gut Flora.

The third and final way to use garlic for sinus infection is by using an neti pot.

Most people are going to have huge troubles using neti pots, however I can assure you that they are one of the easiest and also one of the most beneficial things to use for your sinus infection, however the problem with them is that they tend to have bacterial colonies in them, which is not good for getting rid of the sinus infections provoking bacteria!

An amazing way to sterilize your nifty pot is to wash it every week with pure alcohol, this stuff is going to get rid of the majority of bacteria very quickly and cheaply.

So, here is how to use garlic with a neti pot to get rid of sinus infection:

Crush three cloves of garlic and mix them with warm water, leave them for five minutes, then throw away the garlic, next, simply use the neti pot.

It’s going to be difficult the first times, to make things easy for you, you can add one drop of peppermint oil, it’s going to help with the bad smell of garlic.

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By using this technique, you are going to get rid of the sinus infection very quickly.

These are the best techniques to use garlic for your sinus infection, if you know other homemade treatments or even simpler techniques for helping sinus infection patients, please share them in a comment.


  1. adeeba atif says:

    I’m going to try this as I’m badly suffering 4rom sinus congestion. My husband has strong blv on garlic so I’m going to try this remedy.

  2. Take a small clove of raw steamed garlic and place it in each nostril.hold it in with tissue.keep in until relieved.

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