How much allicin in one garlic clove?

According to , there is about 3.6 milligrams in each garlic clove.

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Although this amount may look extremely small, only a fraction of this allicin is going to reach the bloodstream!

Which is extremely disappointing because allicin has got so many health benefits and potentials for getting rid of dangerous diseases.

Nevertheless, if you eat garlic repeatedly every day, you are going to get at the end of the day a suitable amount of allicin.

That is why I recommend eating more at least three raw garlic cloves a day, it is because allicin is going to be present in raw garlic in a much more abundant amounts than in cooked garlic, in fact, you are unlikely to find any allicin at all in a cooked garlic.


  1. This is a very useful information, thanks so much, now I know that garlic supplements are better than the real garlic because they contain so much allicin.

    • This is not entirely true, what makes garlic, raw garlic better than supplements is that it does not contain only one molecule, it contains thousands!

  2. Nowhere on the webpage for does it say one clove of garlic contains 3.6 mg allicin. The link is also presenting a suspect negative interpretation of the data, and the website could have been easily posted by the pharmaceutical industry to discourage people from using garlic instead of prescription drugs. One medium size clove of garlic, about 4 grams, actually contains between 24-56 mg of allicin. This also requires that after crushing the garlic is left to sit for the chemical reaction to take place that creates allicin.

    Your idea that only a tiny bit of available allicin makes it to the blood is also off. Note that it is allicinase that is irreversibly deactivated below a pH of 3, which means stomach acids only stop the conversion process that produces allicin. The available allicin is still present with all it’s properties. Some of it goes into the blood stream and some passes through to the intestines and then to the lymphatic system.

    • Actually I made an error. The reported 3.6 mg allicin in one clove of garlic is close, but note this is not necessarily a “tiny” number when it comes to allicin. In 4 grams of garlic there is actually 24-56 mg of alliin — with the potential to produce about 4 mg, which is 4000 ug (micrograms) of allicin. Most scientific studies have used concentrations of 600 mcg per mL as a treatment. This amount also doesn’t translate into a “tiny” amount being absorbed by the body.

  3. I purchased Allimax 100% Allicin. It is 180 mg of allicin extract per capsule. It is a bit challenging to read the information printed here because I am not sure if what is in this capsule compares to what is in other capsules I read about. This was around $22 for 30 capsules.
    I do not have away of knowing if this is a good deal because there are different ways of labeling supplements. Seemingly no standardization. Maybe someone reading this can reply. At this time it seems to be a good deal. I would have to eat 2.5-3 complete Garlic bulbs to equal one of these capsules based on what I have read?
    In addition, based on Petros statement of the alliin being in the actual clove, I am wondering if that is better for someone than the allicin….. I am using this to address prostrate cancer which I was told some forms of cancer could possibly be curbed, in some tests, by garlic.

    • First, I wish you a quick and healthy recovery, second, garlic has been proven to be very effective against some types of cancer, especially colorectal ones, but most trials have been done in vitro and not in vivo, so, trying to use ONLY garlic for curing cancer is a losing battle, consult your doctor before doing anything and taking any supplement, however, Allimax is relatively very safe, but the dosage you are taking seems a little high to me, better not exceed two capsules a day, and no, it’s a bad deal, it’s actually fine, although you could have gotten 90 capsules for less than $50.
      Try to increase cruciferous vegetable intakes, especially broccoli, a chemical compound in it called sulforaphane has been proven to be very effective against a large number of cancers.

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