Homemade garlic hair treatment

One of the most amazing benefits of garlic is helping your hair, which is why I’m going to share with you a very simple homemade garlic hair treatment recipe that you can use every day to ensure that your hair is going to stay strong, healthy, and growing free of germs and yeasts.

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The main reason for using garlic as a homemade hair treatment is because it is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic compounds.

Not only that, but garlic is also very rich in natural antibiotic compounds that are going to get rid of yeasts and other germs in your hair and scalp, these germs are the ones responsible for creating very negative and difficult conditions for your hair to grow and prosper, that is why people who are having hair problems are definitely going to have yeasts and germs in their scalp and hair!

Another important reason for using garlic as hair treatment is because it’s going to stimulate your scalp and increase hair growth dramatically.

Garlic is extremely rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory molecules that are very important to making your scalp very healthy and extremely strong, in fact so strong that it’s going to produce very thick and healthy looking hair.

Now, let’s talk about making a homemade garlic hair treatment, here are the ingredients you are going to need:

  1. The most important ingredient is garlic; you will need at least ten large garlic cloves
  2. The second ingredient is two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  3. Five drops of tea tree oil
  4. One tablespoon of jojoba oil
  5. One table spoon of castor oil
  6. And five drops of peppermint oil, which is very important for lowering the smell and the pungency of garlic on your hair.

Now, let’s prepare our homemade garlic hair treatment:

You will need a very good blender.

Peel your garlic cloves and crush them, then add them to your blender and pour over them the olive oil, then start blending, you should get a very thick and homogenous paste, then add the jojoba and the castor oil while blending, when you are nearly done, add the other essential oils, five drops of tea tree oil and five drops of peppermint oil.

You will get an extremely flavorful and somehow pungent garlicky hair treatment mixture, now, you should store it in an airtight glass container, preferably an opaque one, a Mason jar would do the job perfectly.

Every day, apply this amazing homemade garlic hair treatment to your hair roots and scalp, you need to also apply a handful to your hair, then simply put a towel on your hair to avoid the essential aromas and ingredients in this hair treatment to escape, when you are done, wash your hair with a very good shampoo and conditioner.

You should keep this homemade garlic treatment on your hair for at least fifteen minutes, it’s going to make it grow stronger and healthier in a matter of days.

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If you know other recipes for making homemade garlic hair treatments, please share them in a comment.


  1. Debbie Martins says:

    Great article. Garlic definitely is very good for growing thicker longer hair. I don’t know if I’d go the DIY route though because of the Garlic odour. I use Alter Ego’s Garlic Mask and it has worked a treat for me. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321607507664?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

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