Health benefits of garlic powder

In this post, you are going to discover the amazing health benefits of garlic powder and why you should use it every single day in your cooking and also in your juices and smoothies as well!

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I’m not kidding; I use garlic powder almost every day! Sometimes, even in my smoothies, the ones that I add lots of green leafy vegetables to.

It’s because garlic powder is very healthy and will cleanse your body from dangerous toxins and bacteria, and this is what I’m going to talk about in this post, the health benefits of garlic powder and why you should use it almost every day.

I’m using the words almost here because garlic powder tends to be a little powerful, so, if you are using a few pinches a day in your cooking and salads, then, there is no harm in doing this every day, however, if you are addicted to it and you would like to use huge amounts, then, please, refrain from doing this, and only use some few pinches a day, remember this:

You are dealing with garlic, it has been dried, and it’s highly concentrated, so, only use a small amount; it’s for your own benefits.

So, what are the health benefits of garlic powder?

Here they are:

  • The first one is protecting your stomach.

As mentioned in many of my previous posts, raw garlic is fantastic for your stomach, especially for your colon and intestines.

However, when it comes to garlic powder, it’s weak in effects, this means that its amazing benefits are not going to reach your colon and intestines entirely, this is the reason why it’s only very powerful when it comes to stomach issues.

Many people who are suffering from ulcers and other stomach problems can use garlic powder very safely, however, with some types of stomach troubles, especially some dangerous ulcers, using too much may cause high acid levels and refluxes which are going to cause lots of pain and troubles.

But in general, garlic powder is very efficient for cleansing your stomach and healing it from the inside, it has also extremely protective benefits when it comes to your enzyme production and fighting off bacteria and funguses in this very important organ.

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  • The second one is lowering your high blood pressure.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then, I really recommend that you add garlic powder to your dishes and recipes, however, as mentioned before, garlic powder is weak when compared to raw garlic, that’s why you should use a lot, however, this in itself is bad because , first of all garlic powder is expensive, and the second thing is that it can cause troubles in your stomach, so, only use a small pinch as usual, however, you should understand that it’s also very powerful at reducing your high blood pressure, and no matter how much you use, it will have some lowering effect on it, so, go ahead and use it anyway, just be very careful.

  • The third one is cleansing your colon.

Because garlic powder contains lots of antibacterial properties, whatever reaches your colon is going to have some cleansing effects on it, which is very important because we tend to consume lots of processed foods and lots of garbage on a daily basis, so, by adding garlic powder, you are contributing to cleansing your colon from these dangerous toxins and dangerous bacteria as well.

  • And the fourth one is protecting you from cancer.

The main reason why I add garlic powder to my recipes and even to my smoothies! It’s very powerful against cancer.

I’ve read about this in many articles, especially scientific ones, like the following: , and I know that garlic is by far the best vegetable for fighting off cancer cells and tumors as well.

Garlic is going to cause cancer cell apotheosis, in other words, cancer cells are going to commit suicide, which is just jaw-dropping!

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