Five amazing benefits of garlic water

Today, I’m going to share with you five amazing benefits of garlic water, and why you should drink it on a daily basis, in my opinion.

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I say this because a lot of people won’t like the idea of drinking garlic water a lot!

It’s because it will give your body a horrible smell, however, what you need to understand is that this terrible smell is the one responsible for protecting your health and making your body resistant to diseases.

The truth is that the thing we hate the most about garlic, its smell, is the reason why it is so powerful and so healthy for us!

Indeed, garlic smell is just allicin, and other garlic compounds, in fact, these are very rich in sulfur, that’s why they smell so bad, and these compounds are the ones responsible for lowering cancer rates and for also increasing and improving your immune response.

So, let me tell you about the amazing benefits of garlic water:

  • The first one is reducing blood pressure.

When I was young, my father used to consume lots of garlic because he had terrible blood pressure, so, I grew up with this image in mind: that garlic was amazing for blood pressure. And after many years believing this to be folklore medicine, I came across this fantastic study:

Indeed, it shows clearly that garlic intake was associated with healthy blood pressure, and this is the reason why I’m recommending the consumption of garlic water on a daily basis if you are suffering from high blood pressure, trust me, it will regulate it and also protect your overall body as you are going to discover later on in this post.

  • The second one is helping your cardiovascular system.

Garlic is loaded with antioxidants, these compounds are the ones responsible for protecting your healthy cells, not only that, but antioxidants are also responsible for lowering oxidation in your body, and the worst in terms of cardiovascular health is cholesterol oxidation!

It’s true, when cholesterol molecules oxidize in your arteries, they are going to bind to each other and this is going to cause cholesterol buildup not only in your arteries, but also in your brain, and these are the main causes of heart attacks and strokes as well.

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It’s true, the best way to lower heart attacks and stroke risks is to follow a good diet but enjoying garlic on a daily basis is also very protective as well and should not be neglected.

  • The third one is improving your digestive system.

Because garlic contains lots of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, if you are suffering from digestive troubles, then, you should drink garlic water on a daily basis, it will lower them tremendously.

  • The fourth benefit of garlic water is increasing hair growth.

Most people seem to neglect this, but garlic is also very beneficial when it comes to your beauty and looks.

Indeed, enjoying garlic on a daily basis is going to increase your hair grow tremendously, so, if you are starting to notice thinning hair, then, start enjoying garlic water, it will help you dramatically.

  • And the fifth benefit is protecting your colon and bladder.

I’m not going to lie to you; I consume garlic regularly because I want to protect my body from cancer! This

A friend of mine got diagnosed with bladder cancer some few months ago, and after spending eight hours in surgery, he survived, and told me later on that no one should go through such conditions; one should care about his health more. I agree!

After doing many research and reading lots of articles related to garlic and colon and bladder cancer, most importantly, this one:

I now enjoy garlic water almost daily, I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes, I don’t drink it, but it doesn’t really matter, because most days I will have a small glass of garlic water in the morning with some orange juice, it’s very powerful and healing as well.

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Please, if you need more explanations about the health benefits of garlic water, I’m here to help you, just use the section below to ask me.


  1. Can eating raw garlic cloves everyday help your prostate?

  2. I am no cook, at all! Tried making Minute Rice once…took me an hour. So, how do you make garlic water?
    Using a pressed (I had to Google garlic pressing) garlic glove as a suppository actually does work. I can’t believe it but the proof is in the….results. Absolutely amazing!

    Thanks for your work.

  3. hello sir
    I do masterbasin to 3 year
    now I face the problem of early falling of sparm
    so how I use garlic to solve this problem and how much time it take
    sir I do some exercise and eat food contain ghee and I drink milk after exercise
    do I do right
    plz answer
    thank you 🙂

    • Noah Alam says:

      Hello, masturbation has nothing to do with your condition, you have to lower processed foods from your diet, more whole grains, veggie and fruits will help tremendously, plus, you need to stop consuming foods rich in trans and saturated fats.
      Good luck

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