Garlic and vinegar for high blood pressure

It’s true, garlic and vinegar are going to help your high blood pressure, but do you know how to use them?

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This is what I’m going to explain to you in this post: the right way to lower your high blood pressure using garlic and vinegar.

In fact, these foods are extremely healthy and are going to give you amazing results, however, I want you to use the advice I’m going to share with you in this post as they are, don’t try to change them and don’t try to use supplements, I only recommend using the real deal, in other words, real garlic and vinegar, stay away from supplements, they are not going to help you a lot!

So, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then, you should start using garlic and vinegar as well, in fact, garlic alone is more than enough to lower your blood pressure healthily, but when you combine it with vinegar, especially the one I’m going to suggest to you, then, your high blood pressure problems are going to simply disappear, but before doing so, you need to first follow this diet for at least three weeks:

  • I want you to cut down on animal products as much as you can.

Indeed, most of your high blood pressure problems are probably due to your diet, to the fact that you are consuming lots of animal products, ground meat, meat, butter, eggs, poultry, fish, dairy and pork!

Indeed, I want you to cut down on these foods as much as you can and to tell you the truth, I want you to stop eating them for at least three weeks, you will notice huge benefits!

  • What should you eat then?

There are plenty of options for you, most importantly; you should eat on a daily basis lots of beans, grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. These foods are going to help you lower your blood pressure healthily and they are also fantastic for your cardiovascular system and for also maintaining your overall health protected from very dangerous diseases such as cancer and even strokes.

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So, if you are not ready to follow a healthy diet, then simply close this post because consuming garlic and vinegar alone will not help you!

Indeed, ingesting some garlic with vinegar is going to lower your high blood pressure, but only some few points, however, if you use the dieting guidelines I have just given you, then, you will notice huge improvements, in fact, you will become addicted to healing your body and maintaining a fantastic health, and soon, you will be preaching other people all the time and advising them to use these dieting guidelines, like I just did.

The same thing happened to me as well, and I want you to really improve your health and look amazing.

  • So, let me show you how to use garlic and vinegar for high blood pressure:

The first thing you need to do is to use only raw garlic, never cooked garlic or garlic capsules, they don’t really help a lot!

The second thing is to use apple cider vinegar, ACV. White vinegar is also very beneficial, but apple cider vinegar is definitely the best.

So, here is what you need to do:

Every night, before you go to bed, and after having dinner, crush three garlic cloves, mince them a little, and then put in a spoon, then, swallow with a large glass of water, when you are done, I want you to swallow two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar that you should have mixed with a quarter of a cup of water.

I know that this is going to sound very simple and somehow too easy to be true, but it’s the truth, it will lower your blood pressure tremendously and help you maintain it in healthy levels.

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