Garlic and olive oil for your hair growth

One of the easiest hair growth treatments you can apply daily is using garlic and olive oil, but I’m not going to show you a garlic oil recipe, although it’s extremely efficient for hair growth, what I’m going to show you is how to use garlic and olive oil for maximum hair growth, not just a few millimeters a month.

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You must understand that when you strip garlic from its fibers and its pulp, and only use the oil, you are going to deprive your skin and scalp from huge nutrition that is going to increase hair growth and hair roots’ simulation.

This is why the garlic and olive oil recipe you are going to read about in this post relies on using whole cloves and not just the oil!

Why is garlic and olive oil efficient for hair growth?

It’s because garlic is going to add highly essential nutrients to your scalp which are going to stimulate the blood flow in it and are also going to protect your hair follicles, on the long run, this is going to stimulate hair growth and increase the protection of your hair while growing, which means that your hair is going to mature fully and look thick and healthy, and this recipe is also going to avoid much shedding to your weak hair.

The next benefit for using garlic and olive oil for hair growth is that olive oil is an extremely antiseptic and antifungal ingredient, it’s going to get rid of funguses and bacteria on your scalp that are extremely damaging to your hair follicles, in fact most hair loss is going to happen because your hair follicles are going to be exhausted and inflamed.

Dermatologists call this scalp folliculitis and it’s when you start feeling itchy and even developing small dandruffs, both garlic and olive oil are going to help you to grow stronger and healthier hair much more quickly.

Here is how to prepare an easy garlic and olive oil recipe for hair growth:

You will need at least a quarter of a cup of extra virgin olive oil.

Don’t use cheap olive oil, it’s not harmful for your hair but it’s not very nutritious either!

You need to only use extra virgin olive oil, because it will contain the most antioxidants and the most helpful nutrients for your hair and scalp.

The next ingredient you will need is of course garlic, you will need at least ten garlic cloves.

I’ve already talked about the difference between each variety of garlic, but I’m going to tell you that the best garlic to use for your hair growth is purple garlic, don’t try to use white or yellow garlic, they are both weak in comparison to purple garlic and even if they may smell the same, purple garlic is much more powerful and much more potent when it comes to antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Now, let’s prepare the best garlic and olive oil recipe to use for your hair growth:

First of all, choose only the best and “fleshiest” garlic cloves, don’t use weak and bruised ones, then peel them and crush them, then add them to a food processor and mix blend with olive oil.

Start blending until you get a very thick and rich paste.

When you are done, take your garlic paste and put it in a dark and opaque glass mason jar.

Every day, apply this garlic and olive oil are mixture to your hair and scalp, you will not believe the hair growth you are going to notice and within a short period of time, your hair is going to look wonderful and extremely beautiful.

This is how to use garlic and olive oil for hair growth, of course, there are other recipes in this website that uses the same ingredients with many other essential oils such as tea tree oil and peppermint oil, but this is the most basic garlic recipe for hair growth, it is also the easiest one.

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  1. Amjad Zafar says:

    Thanks Noah alam,

    Your column on hair re growing through garlic/olive oil is magneficient
    I hope it will work.

    • Noah Alam says:

      I’m sure it will work, good luck.

      • Does this recipe help if your hair has been pulled out and damaged your hair follicles? I have a vrey healthy hair long straight hair but I recently lost alot of hair due to someone pulling out my hair sadly and I want my long thick hair back so will this remedy help?

        • That’s terrible!! Anyway, yes, it will help but it will take a very long time.

        • Zaheer Abbas says:

          sir i want to know that quantity of garlic & olive oil how much.can i boil olive oil with garlic after become red garlic i remove it & used or i have to keep garlic in olive oil but for good result how long i have to keep pleased tell me,last thing when i apply it on hair after i keep my head open no issue or need to avoid air of AC or outside natural air.

          • Do this: blend one tablespoon of olive oil with three peeled garlic cloves, keep in a dark glass container for four days and then use one teaspoon a day on your hair and scalp.

          • Zaheer Abbas says:

            after apply it on hair need to cover head

  2. How long should I keep this on?

    • An hour max.

      • Zaheer Abbas says:

        can we boil garlic cloves in olive oil because if keep it will take 1 week so if we boil it within 15 mint garlic cloves become red than we remove it from oil & use oil when become this possible to use this way .please reply

  3. For how long time should i use it to see improuvement?

    I should wash my hair daily it is not harmful for it?

  4. How to get rid of the garlic smell after shampooing the hair?

    • Because the shampoo already has a good smell, it won’t affect you a lot, but you can apply a good deodorant after you are done, it will help you as well.

      • A litre water with one lemmon and wash ur hair with it.. after the shampooing.
        Lemmon does a good job.. actually it is : )

  5. Hello,
    Do I let this mixture sit for some days or can you use it right away?

  6. Hi…for how many months I hav to use this oil..for hair growth. ….thnx

  7. hy.must I wash d mix after every application?

  8. Hi, does this work on all hair types? Also how do you actually apply it to your scalp when it is quite a thick paste – that would be quite hard no? Do you have to wash it out after each use or can you leave it in? if so, how long can you leave it before you should wash it? Would this work if you did it on a weekly basis as oppose to everyday? Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, it works with most hair types, just massage thoroughly, leave it for an hour, if possible, if not, twenty minutes minimum, then rinse, you can do it weekly.

  9. /hi, I have lost more volumes of hair far from 8 months does this garlic oil works? B4 I got long and silky smooth black straight hairs will I get positive results from this pls…..

  10. hii, do I have to apply the mix everyday or once a week?

  11. Hello Noah can it work on very thinning bald hair? how long can you store the garlic for does it lose strength the longer it waits

  12. What if i dont have purple garlic? Can i use white garlic instead?

  13. Can this be applied to damp hair or would it be better if the hair is dry? With it being such a thick and creamy paste, just seems like it would spread easier.

  14. Hey noah can i use it to grow my edge line back? I can use a inch width of hair there

  15. Please answer
    how many time should I wash my hair in a week

  16. Abdullah says:

    How long we have to wait after making this paste (garlic in olive oil) & keeping it in dark at which temperature? Garlic being soil vegetable it is having Clostridium Botulinum bacteria will it causing any damage to hair and we have to protect it from light why, how long we have to keep it in dark?

    • Noah Alam says:

      No more than a week, less is better, and yes, it can cause Botulism, but only when you take it orally, sun light is bad for fatty acids. Good luck

  17. I had a case of folliculitis and I used garlic and olive oil, it worked. sadly I stopped but I’ll get back to it, by force this time ;).

  18. Thanx Noah for replying,
    After making paste we have to transfer it in refrigerator immediately or keep at room temp for a week.

  19. hi bud!!
    thanks for the article
    well i had a question that when we start it should we keep it on or when we feel the work is done ..we should stop it??

  20. Is it also good 4 the regrowth of men hair?(is it recommendable?)

  21. Hi,must I wash my hair after the application of the paste the same day?

  22. Azad singh says:

    Is washing of hair necessary after applying garlic oil ??.. Can I apply it at night before going to bed and wash in the morning with only water???…

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