Garlic and lemon juice for cholesterol

It has been scientifically proven that garlic is not efficient for reducing cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol!

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Indeed many scientific studies have found that garlic was not very efficient for reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, to know more about this, please check out the following website:

However, although it is not very efficient for lowering cholesterol, garlic is extremely rich in antioxidants which are going to help your body deal more efficiently with harmful cholesterol molecules.

Indeed, cholesterol is a highly reactive molecule and is going to cause enormous damages to your veins and arteries when it’s oxidized, that is why the antioxidants found in garlic are extremely important for stabilizing it and helping it not oxidize and damaged your healthy organs.

The second thing you have to understand is that when you consume garlic, the most important nutrient is called allicin, and it’s the one responsible for lowering cholesterol levels. However when you crush the garlic, this allicin is simply going to react with the oxygen and it will become useless!

That is why most studies have found that garlic was not able to reduce cholesterol very well, so, if you combine garlic with another very important nutrient like orange or lemon juice, it will be extremely efficient for reducing cholesterol and even reducing more its damaging effects on your body.

Garlic is also responsible for keeping the cholesterol molecules from sticking to your arterial walls, this is what causes clogging and even heart disease and stroke, by consuming garlic regularly, you are going to prevent these dangers diseases.

To help garlic help you reduce your cholesterol levels healthy, you need to combine it with lemon juice.

You can read this article for more information about the benefits of lemon juice on your cholesterol levels:

This is how you make garlic and lemon juice for reducing cholesterol:

It’s very simple, peel four garlic cloves, then put them in a food processor, then add to them half a cup of lemon juice and one cup of orange juice.

You can add honey instead of sugar and other herbs such as oregano or thyme to cover the bad garlicky taste.

Then, simply blend everything; you need to get a very homogenous substance, because when drinking it, you should not be able to sense or taste the garlic pulp with your tongue.

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This is how you make garlic and lemon juice for reducing cholesterol, drink this amazing beverage every day and you are going to see huge improvements in your cholesterol levels.


  1. I’ve heard that it can lower cholesterol pretty dramatically? true?

    • If garlic is combined with lemon, it can help a little lower your cholesterol, but the truth is that it’s not a great way to decrease your cholesterol level, the best thing you can do it to tweak your diet and to add more whole carbs and veggies. This what helped me the most.

      • Thanks Noah for your answer, I really appreciate. I’m a little scared when it comes to cards, I’ve read that they will make you fat? Is it true?

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