Garlic and erectile dysfunction

One of the major areas where garlic is extremely efficient is in reducing cholesterol buildups in the arteries, which is why garlic is an amazing remedy for erectile dysfunction.

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In this post, you are going to learn about the best tips to use garlic to help erectile dysfunction symptoms.

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you about this, but I’m going to do it anyway, I am a man and I know what is like to be a little “weak and slow to take action”!

One thing I can assure you is that when I started consuming garlic daily, my sexual health only got better and even with my horrible smell, I still feel extremely sexy and extremely potent!

The best thing why garlic is extremely efficient for helping with erectile dysfunction is that it’s going to help lower the buildup of cholesterol in your arteries.

Erectile dysfunction, in most cases, is caused when the arteries and veins in the penis get clogged with cholesterol, that is why the consumption of garlic, daily, is associated with an increase in the sexual health especially in males and it’s also associated with increased energy levels.

Garlic is simply going to unclog your arteries and help reduce the cholesterol buildup in them.

Garlic is also amazing because it contains a large number of antioxidants and sulfur compounds that are going to help the cholesterol not oxidized, and let me tell you that most of your cholesterol troubles begin when the cholesterol starts oxidizing, that is why it becomes extremely sticky to your arterial walls.

The second reason why consuming garlic is very helpful for erectile dysfunction is that it’s going to normalize your high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is also responsible for erectile dysfunction, in fact , low blood pressure is to blame as well, what garlic is going to do is very simple, it’s going to help your arteries produce a substance called hydrogen sulfide that will increase the blood flow in your arteries and veins, that is how garlic is able to increase or decrease your blood pressure, in other words, it is going to normalize your blood pressure.

When your brain decides to have an erection, it will command your heart to start pumping lots of blood to your penis, and by increasing the blood pressure, an erection is going to occur.

When you have low blood pressure, nothing is going to occur!

So, how to use garlic for erectile dysfunction?

It’s quite easy; here is what you need to do:

Eat at least three cloves of garlic every day!

And I’m not talking about cooked garlic, I’m talking about raw garlic.

Cooked garlic is also very helpful, but it lacks a lot of antioxidants and sulfur compounds that are going to help the body more.

Here is the method I used to apply in order to consume three cloves of garlic a day, I no longer do it because I have started doing more physical exercises and paying close attention to my health and diet, but I still consume raw garlic from time to time:

Every night, before you go to bed, peel three large garlic cloves and crush them, then mix them and swallow them with a large glass of water, and I mean really “swallow” them, don’t try to chew them, you will not be able to sustain the bad and burning sensation in your mouth!

You should also eat food before swallowing minced garlic because it’s not going to sit very well in your stomach.

Within a few months of doing this, you will smell like a pig and you will also feel like a horse! If you know what I mean!

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This is how you use garlic for erectile dysfunction, please feel free to ask me questions or post comments.


  1. I also read that its better to chew rather than swallow…. which is which.

    • Noah Alam says:

      No, don’t chew it unless you want your mouth to smell bad for a week! The best you can do is to crush three garlic cloves, mince them and then swallow them with lots of water.
      Hope it will help, thanks for your comment.

    • Hi, instead of chewing garlic, why not get some garlic supplements, they are going to help you more, I think.

  2. M.A. Akbar says:

    If I take two cloves daily, will I get benefit? For getting best result how many cloves I have to consume? After consuming garlic how long time it takes to give result? I will be happy if you answer me. Thanks for your effort.

  3. M.A. Akbar says:

    How many cloves, I have to eat daily for getting better result? Consuming garlic after how long I will get the results? Thanks for your effort.

  4. How long would it take a Garlic Supplement to take effect, thanks?!

  5. can we eat raw garlic cloves along with food. Will this get good result. Kindly suggest…regards

    • Noah Alam says:

      Absolutely yes, but you have to stay away from fatty and greasy foods as much as possible, they are the cause of your erectile troubles .

  6. I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. I am taking row garlic three cloves a day for one and half a months, after how long I will get result ? Please answer me.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Did you stop eating greasy foods? What about alcohol and tobacco? You need to cut down on these foods and habits immediately in order to start seeing positive results, and as long as garlic is concerned, the best thing you can do is to keep on using it and don’t lose hope, if you are overweight or even obese, it may take more than six months to see positive results.

      • M.N. Islam says:

        Daer Noah Alam, I am grateful to you. As per your advice I have eaten three cloves of garlic at every night for five months and now I have got rid from erectile dysfunction. Now my question is, how can I will hold this result (improvement). For your information I would like to inform you that I never smoke or drink alcohol.

  7. M.N. Islam says:

    I am suffering from erectile dysfunction. Now I am taking 3 cloves of garlic daily for one and half months. Would you please inform me after how long I will get rid from erectile dysfunction? I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Noah Alam says:

      It depends completely on your size, weight, and eating habits, but generally, in five months, you are going to see amazing results, just don’t lose hope, it may take a long time to work, but it is completely natural and it is very beneficial for your whole body.

  8. What do u mean sir that i will smell like a pig,
    And i read somewhere that i should eat in morning when i wakeup in empty stomach, please reply

    • Noah Alam says:

      Hi, it means that you are going to smell very bad for a long time, and don’t eat garlic on an empty stomach, it is going to cause you stomach issues, you need to eat it between large meals, this is the safest thing you can do to avoid indigestions and heart burns.

  9. Is there any way to get rid of smell of garlic from mouth from breath,
    And please help me how many days I eat in night and how many pieces because I have impotent cure

    • Noah Alam says:

      If you are already taking medications, please don’t use garlic, it can interfere with your treatment, and for the duration, more than five months, I know it is a long time, but it is completely natural and you need to give it enough time. The best remedy I can give you for your garlic breath is to chew mint leaves, fresh ones, they are fantastic.

  10. Hi, I am taking a high blood pressure medicine named almodipine. It doesn’t allow me to achieve a hundred % erection. Will raw garlic help me with this problem?

    • Noah Alam says:

      I can’t give you a precise answer, but from my opinion and my experience, garlic is a completely natural herb and vegetable, taking three cloves a day is not going to harm you, but you should consult with your doctor before attempting to do anything.

  11. Pls, I have read your post and it is very informative. Pls, it it advisable to take the raw garlic with natural honey, in order to soothe the burns. Would it be effective in arresting premature ejaculation? Your reply be much appreciated. Thanks and regards.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Don’t use natural honey, instead, take your garlic between a large meal with at least one liter of water, it will avoid you many gastric troubles.

  12. is there really nothing nothing to help for the bad breath I’m dealing with clients on a daily basis

  13. I am taking garlic from past couple of months I can see improvement but if I stop eating it again so will I face the same problem of dysfunction??? plz do reply

    • Noah Alam says:

      If you don’t take care of your diet and health, lower your sodium, refined carbs, soda and other corn syrup products, processed meat and fat intake, then when you stop, you will suffer again.

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