Does garlic lower blood pressure?

Can garlic lower blood pressure? Well, the right answer is yes.

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Indeed, garlic is very efficient for lowering blood pressure, but unfortunately, most people simply don’t know how to use it, they think that sprinkling some few drops of garlic oil on their salads is more than enough, but in order to really lower your blood pressure healthily, you need to first know how it works and why it is so beneficial for your cardiovascular system.

The first thing you need to understand in this post is that relying only on garlic pills is not an efficient strategy for lowering your blood pressure!

I say this because a lot of people keep asking me about the best garlic pills for lowering blood pressure!

Well, they do not exist! And when you compare the best garlic pills against the real deal, raw garlic, in terms of lowering high blood pressure, you will find that garlic beats pills hands down all the time!

In fact, my father in low used to take lots of garlic pills in the past for lowering his blood pressure, they seemed to work a little, but they weren’t really giving him a lot of positive results, everything changed when he started supplementing with raw garlic every day, and this is what I’m going to show you in this post.

  • The first thing you should know about garlic is that it will relax your arteries.

This is by far the best thing about it when it comes to lowering your high blood pressure, it will leave your arteries completely relaxed and free from tension, in other words, it will increase blood flow and maintain healthy cardiovascular health all the time.

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  • Most importantly, garlic is also beneficial because it contains lots of antioxidants.

These compounds are going to stop cholesterol molecules from oxidizing and thus sticking to each other which will clog your arteries even more and cause much more high blood pressure!

In the end, these are the two most important mechanisms why garlic is so efficient and effective for lowering blood pressure, however, there is a better solution:

  • Changing your diet

Indeed, I have talked about this in many of my previous posts, whether you use garlic or not, there is a better alternative than taking supplements and even following a good exercise regime, you need to change your diet for the better, and you need to eat healthy foods that are going to lower your blood pressure healthily, and the best are the following:

Whole grain and whole wheat products, fruits, vegetables, lots of greens, lots of lentils, and beans, they are simply one of the best foods for lowering blood pressure because they contain low amounts of fats, they also contain high amounts of fiber and most importantly, soluble fibers which are going to clear your blood and also get rid of excess cholesterol in your system.

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  • Now, here is how to use garlic for lowering high blood pressure:

Every night, before you go to bed, I want you to crush three garlic cloves, then, peel them, when you are done, mix them, and swallow with lots of water; this is by far the best way to reduce your high blood pressure healthily.

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