Does garlic help regrow hair?

There are many ingredients that are said to be extremely helpful for hair growth, but one of the most famous one is garlic. So, is garlic helpful for growing your hair?

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The simple answer is yes, garlic will regrow your hair, but it’s not guaranteed!

The thing you have to understand is that garlic is only going to be able to regrow your hair when it’s damaged by funguses and yeast infections, however, if your hair loss problems are due to hormonal imbalance, then you will need other “heavy” treatments to make your hair grow again.

Garlic is really amazing and will help regrow your hair dramatically only and only if the problems are related to funguses.

So, if you notice that your scalp is inflamed, red, itchy and flaky, then garlic can definitely help you with your hair loss, but if your scalp is apparently normal looking and has nothing worrying about it, then garlic may not be very efficient and very helpful at growing your hair.

How to regrow your hair using garlic?

It’s very easy, you need first to get garlic oil, it’s available in most drugstores, and the second step is to massage your scalp every day using it, I’ve heard of some people making bruises with razors their to the scalp in order to make the garlic juices penetrate their scalp!

This is not going to work and in fact it’s extremely dangerous because it’s going to leave permanent scars all over your scalp and may even result in heavy inflammations and blisters.

The best thing you can do is to simply massage your scalp every day using garlic oil.

How much garlic oil do you need to regrow your hair?

You will need at least five drops a day, however, do not massage and use these drops directly on your scalp, they can be very damaging and may cause itchiness and will even make your scalp extremely sensitive!

What you need to do is simply mix the garlic oil drops with olive oil and even some jojoba oil, these oils have been proven to help carry the garlic oil essences wonderfully and are also extremely rich in nutrients that are going to help your scalp get rid of the yeast infection very well.

The next step is to start using minoxidil drops.

Although minoxidil will help hair regrowth when only caused by hormonal troubles, it’s also extremely beneficial when you are suffering from yeast infections, after all, minoxidil drops are extremely affordable and they are so easy to use and so efficient, so why not use them as well.

In fact, you should do a combination of garlic oil and minoxidil drops, however, do not mix them together because the garlic oil is probably going to cancel the effects of minoxidil drops.

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First of all, apply the garlic oil massage, then at night, apply the minoxidil drops.

This is how you use garlic to help regrow your hair.


  1. I’m going to try this recipe and I’m sure it will work because one of my girlfriends told me the other day that using garlic and olive oil helped her grow her hair faster, do you agree with this?
    Thanks a lot by the way for all your articles and posts.

  2. how long does it need to see new hairs…. n do the new baby hairs grow to long think hairs as the ones that fell or just stay baby hairs?

    • Noah Alam says:

      Don’t worry, they’ll keep growing and thickening, and as far as time is concerned, there are many conditions that interfere with the growth process, so it all depends on your hair and skin type, but in general, if you apply garlic daily, you will see results after one month. Good luck

  3. thomas Daniel says:

    Hi, Like to know if it really works? how far should i do this?

    • Noah Alam says:

      It will definitely work, but if you have already lost most of your hair follicles, roots, it will be almost impossible for it to give you positive results.

  4. Hi I suffered heavy hair loss problem.Though I have no bald spots but my hair density has reduced will garlic really help to regrow hair and regain the density

  5. Chrisjoe Mathew says:

    im 15 and my hair is thinning at the back i tried onion juice treatment for about 8 mnths but no result. i can see my scalp by now. would this wrk/???? hw long wud it take for it to regrow????

    • I’m not sure this is fit for your condition, but you really should try it, it can only help you, especially if you are dealing with a fungal problem.

  6. Saeed Asghar says:

    Hi, 5 years ago, a small area of my head’s hair vanished
    later it grew
    now its about 5 inches bald patch.
    the skin is thicker and looks like some kind of healed injury though its not injured
    i wanted to know what should i do
    the doctor said it was some kind of earthworm, so could this garlic treatment be helpful?
    i guess all the hair roota from the patch have gone
    i want some suggestions thanks in advance

    • It seems that you are suffering from ringworm, garlic will certainly help, but there are better medicinal solutions available, use them instead.

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