Alopecia areata garlic treatment

Alopecia areata is an extremely embarrassing condition in which hair is lost from some areas of the body, especially the scalp, which is why it’s commonly called “spot baldness”.

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There are many causes of Alopecia areata but scientists think that this skin issue is genetic and may even be hereditary, most scientists think nowadays that Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease.

The immune system is going to attack healthy hair follicles, this will simply result in hair loss!

Alopecia areata is not entirely understood by scientists and that is why it’s extremely difficult to treat.

I’m going to show you one “probably” efficient way to treating Alopecia areata using garlic.

The reason I’ve written “probably” is because this technique may work in some people and may not work in others!

I really hate to tell you this, but you need to try this at your own risks as I have not tried it myself and only very few readers of this blog have told me about it.

The first necessary thing to do is to start applying minoxidil every single day to your hair.

Minoxidil is simply going to increase hair growth and avoid damages to your hair follicles.

According to Wikipedia, minoxidil is going to be extremely efficient in some cases of Alopecia areata, however, to get the right diagnosis, you need to consult a doctor.

The next thing you should do besides using minoxidil is to start applying garlic oil on your scalp.

Simply apply garlic oil to your hands and then massage your scalp, you can also mix garlic oil with olive oil, they are extremely helpful for growing stronger and healthier hair.

And this is how to treat Alopecia areata using garlic.

If you know other ways to treat Alopecia areata using garlic, please share them in a comment.

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  1. Although this post wasn’t very helpful in giving a solution, I think that it is very beneficial because I know now that my problem isn’t going to be cured with garlic, I think I may need surgery!

  2. Joseph Gawne says:

    I have personally used Garlic to treat Alopecia areata when I was young. It worked. I have tried almost all possible home remedies to treat Alopecia and doctor’s prescribed steroid solutions but garlic has worked wonders. Alopecia recently came back after 10 years and I started again using garlic juice and after 3 days I can see small hair growing back.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment.

      • first i sliced 5 cloves of garlic. And I put olive oil on my scalp then I enkindled it, and while its burning low I add the garlic for few seconds and I immediately soaked my head into the bail of water…

        A treatment what my granny taught me, I tried it once, and never again..

    • Dear i am also suffer from alopecia , used all type of madecines but no result , once i applied garlic oil on spots it becomes red . what it shows .

      • Noah Alam says:

        Your skin is sensitive to garlic, you need to stop as soon as possible and seek medical help because sometimes garlic can cause allergic reactions, make sure you are not sensitive to garlic before using these remedies.

    • Mirelle van Drongelen says:

      Wow really? I think it’s save for a 2 year old?! Do I need garlic oil or fresh garlic? It’s really sad, last January she didn’t had hear at all and when it finally came back she’s loosing her hear again. Hopelijk you can help me! I don’t think we can use minoxidil at that yough age

    • How do you apply the garlic? Please elaborate.

  3. As for the fresh garlic ,it cures all kind of hair loss,including alopecia areata,bolding,etc
    Best for normal loss ,is to rap all the roots with fresh garlic ( cut garlic into half and try chipping it so juice will go easer when u rap to roots, (don’t throw the rest peaces ,u keep then in ……. olive oil jar ,oregano oil,coconut oil,Amala,avocado,sesame oil,sweet almond castor oil,mustard oil,ginger oil

  4. peaces of used garlic,u keep then in )…as u can add smashed to theses in a jar with olive oil ,and add what available oils u can add the better….oregano oil. coconut oil, Amala, avocado, sesame oil, sweet almond ,castor oil,mustard oil, ginger oil

    The garlic with oils must de saved in fridge for one month at least.
    After ,other you take oil alone and smash the garlic alone in different jars one so oil and on for treating the rooted

    As for slope ali rareata,, u need to gently scoresheet the skin by rubbing gently with disinfected by alcohol the pin or needle til u see blood coming out slowly and very little,,y can use filing finger or glass paper to scratch the ereas..
    Trust me next day you will see the hair

    At the beginning use this treatment very other day for month.
    Later twice a week,then once a week,,,,according to your progress

    TRUST ME I TRIED ALL AM 63 and my hair is much much better,,and beautiful texture ,,,
    Am am from Middle East and we learnt from mother to grandmother ,majority we use home remedied to cure anything ,,,just name it,,,,and all works…
    Depend about the devotion ,,,

    If u need any info am will me

  5. I try , how long I hv to contnu..his garlic treattreatment

  6. i got a bald patch during my visit to kingdom saudia arabia in feb 2014
    i went to dermo physicain for consultation and he diagnosed its a fungal disease and gave me some anti fungal medication but that one patch turn into 3 . then i visted to senior doctor who gave me shots of steriod and topical steriod and some senisitizers . but now after 2 month of that i have 9 patches on head.
    i am using garlic now and amazingly hair in two old patches are going bit.
    i am a clinical pharmacist myself and now i finally decided to work on garlic and onion for this disease

    • Noah Alam says:

      Hello Majid, great news, hope you would have a fantastic hair soon.

      • I have two children they aged about 1st one is 7 years 2nd is 5 yers old both are suffering with allopecia areta can any body let know how to apply garlic on their heads

        • Sorry, but you should stay away from it, don’t forget that you are dealing with young kids, it may cause more damages than good.

  7. Hi noah alam and kinda i realy need your help i have had alopecia for 10 year.i used alot of treat but any thing did not effect،but i have nat used garlic untill now,i have very very litle hair now,and very disapoited obut treatment,would you mind send me email if you know some effective treatment with garlic or other.i am a girl from iran in Asia.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Please use the contact form on my “contact me” webpage in order to send me e-mails, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

  8. I will try these and get back to you in a few weeks. Currently I am using fresh Aloe Vera and it works for some small patches in my head. Maybe it is good if I add these 2 strong remedies. But I’m afraid it will affect more.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Don’t worry, just use it and you will certainly notice positive results very soon.

      • Hi,
        One out of 3 small patches are covered with hair now two others i am still observing but with very tiny little hair on it.

  9. Im so glad I found this page! I was diagnosed with alopecia areata almost two years ago and have had many small patches that fall and grow back very quickly (usually only get the size of a 20pence coin). Now I have one which just won’t stop getting bigger and bigger, it’s also right at the top on my head and i have to pull my hair back to cover it which does not help at all.

    I just got some steroid cream from my doctor and although I haven’t been using it for a week yet… i hate it. its more ‘gel-like’, it sticks to the surrounding hair and makes it all greasy so i need to constantly wash it! Also im pretty sure creams should let our pores breathe and not clog up which is not the case with this steroid cream!

    I will definitely be trying raw garlic directly on my scalp daily and leaving in garlic/coconut oil masks over night the nights before I wash my hair. Hopefully I will see some results! 😀 Thank you!

    • Noah Alam says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, I’m so sorry for taking the time to answer you, I had some horrible technical issues.

  10. I had a bad episode of alopecia areata that lasted for about 4 years, it was kind of bad, I mean, half eyebrow was gone, I had multiple bold spots on scalp… it was a nightmare… I was even prescribed with cortisone tablets and had cortisone injections, which only worked temporarily, and left me two sizes bigger.
    how did I cure it? I GAVE UP SMOKING. I didn’t give up because I though it would fix the problem, as I Thought the stress of giving up was going to make my alopecia worse, I did it because I got sick and I couldn’t breath. I used a nicotine inhalator to help with the addiction and in three months, I swear, all my hair was growing back, including my eyebrow. If you smoke, give up, if I could do it you DEFINITELY can, trust me, use a nicotine replacement, learn to breath deeply every time you want to smoke and be patient, good luck and God bless.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad you gave up smoking. God bless you.

      • Stress is one of the reasons which triggered my alopecia and I think seeing my hair loss is making me more stressful and in short making it worse.

    • I give up smoking for 12 months and 2 months ago I made Alopecia Barbae . I don’t think this is the reason. After my alopecia was found I found i have Thyroid Hashimoto with normal function. This is not a very hard thing but is also a autoimmune diseases . My endocrinologist say that Hashimoto is not a trigger for AA but my body is more sensitive to autoimmune diseases. Now I’m smoking again , I know is not very good but it chill me down … I use minoxidil 5% and I made some shots whit corticosteroids ( once ). Today I try garlic ( smash garlic rub my skin ) I hope to make me better !

      • Noah Alam says:

        Thanks a lot for the information you have provided, although I think smoking is terrible for our hair. Good luck with your condition and treatment, hope you get well soon 🙂

  11. Hello sir I am suffering from alopasia erita I have bald scalp in my head and beard I am very disappointed plese help me I am using onion juise n garlic say me that it will be very effective

    • Noah Alam says:

      Just use the advice in this post and in the comment section as well, they are going to help you tremendously. Good luck

  12. my daughter aged 15 has. alopecia aerata..and i hate to see her lose her long tresses..
    every nite i cry myself to sleep..
    my daughter gives me the strength to bear it..f she can i can ..i wl surely try ths garlic remedy n see

    • Noah Alam says:

      God bless her and you.

    • Hey Juanita, how is your daughter’s hair now? I have transformed my boyfriend’s hair using garlic (he had very bad alopecia) and I would love to see if this same method helps other people.

  13. Hi sir,

    i am suffering from allopecia arreata for beard , on my face below chin, in april 2014 one patch started, now there are many pacthes i took many allopethic medicine.. it didnt helped. today even after 4 month nothing worked yet.. can i try garlic on face.. ? is allovera plant juice is good ? kindly reply

    is meditation / yoga helpful to this kind of desease ?

    • Noah Alam says:

      Hi, I don’t think yoga will help that much, but it won’t hurt. As far as garlic, it’s pretty effective when applied for growing hair, but I rally am not sure if it’s going to work on the patches on your face. You can try it on a small area, under your chin for example, and see if it’s going to cause any reactions or complications, if not, then by all means use it on your face, one rule of thumb: never exceed three half a clove of garlic in 12 hours!
      It’s scary what a large amount of garlic can do for our skin, but if you stick to this amount, you have nothing to be scared of.
      Good luck.
      PS: Aloe Vera is safe and very healing for our skin, use it no matter what you are suffering from.

  14. onion is also effect on alopecia?

  15. I m 21 year old,,, and I m suffering from hair fall on my head,, my hair getting thin,,, I guess it is alopecia areta,,, please sir tell me what can I do,,,because its very embarrassing,,,,:-(

    • Hello, you can start using garlic as recommended in previous comments, then you should start applying minoxidil, it will increase your hair growth too.

  16. Hi sir, I’m nagaraju age 27y . I’m suffering from alopecia areata since 3 years, one big patch on my scalp , it is increasing day by day . I used minoxidil also ,nbut no use of it. Please tell me how to recover from this problem ?

    • You should start using garlic as indicated in this website, you need to also increase your minoxidil application, it’s probably the reason why it’s not working.

  17. I see the patch on My beard past 3 months ( small patch) near chin. Started applying Garlic as suggested, Hoping for better results

  18. Hello I have AA for last 15 months. I tried shot minoxidil 5% and many more but nothing worked. I came across this site and now try garlic ooil can you guide me can I prepare only with extra virgin olive ?
    I dont find other oils in market…thanks.

    • Hi, try to mince five garlic cloves, mix them with three tablespoon of olive oil and put in a dark container for six days. And there you have it, simple and effective quality garlic oil.

  19. Hii i have some fungul infection and dandruff problem. I tried garlic for 5-6 days but did not see any improvement. I am very depressed.

  20. Hi Noah! I have alopecia arteta on my chin. Just a small region, otherwise the growth of beard is fine elsewhere (I look more like Wolverine after remaiining unshaven for a month). I consulted a deramtologist. He gave me an injection (1/L K10) on my chin and also a garlic ointment to apply on my chin (only at night).

    I have been applying the ointment for about a moth now. However, not seeing very positive results. I want to know, approx. how long will it be till I see positive results if i continue being on this medication?

    • Better use raw garlic, it gives impressive results very quickly, which depends on your current state.

  21. Hi Am just 27 years old. I have few patches especially at front part of my scalp. I have been using garlic and olive oil and massaging with dermaroller. Will it works, Can i get my lost hair. is anything wrong using derma roller

  22. sir
    I m suffering from alopecia last 4 years bt it not yet cured.I m only 18 .I feel obsessed wearing cap all time
    pls suggest me something and min time period…
    sir pls next year I m going for higher studies and I don’t want me to feel bad
    sir pls help

    • That’s so sad, I highly recommend that you start using minoxidil, it’s the one that has helped many of my friends.

  23. My daughter has alopecia and she is just 10 yrs. I am feeling so bad for her. I will try the garlic juice. Any easy methods how to extract the garlic.

    • Just use raw garlic, it’s going to help, but if it doesn’t, refer to a dermatologist, she maybe having something worrying that must be cared for quickly.

  24. Can I use minoxidil 6% at the same time treating my alopecia with herbal like garlic ang malunggay?thank you!

  25. my age 21 sir help me about my hair problem now my hair to much thin and front of my hair has lost how to regrowth hair possible or not

  26. Hi
    My scalp was very small four weeks ago but it’s getting worse it’s like £2 coin n I started rubbing raw garlic now will it help or shall I go to Doctors???

    • You should always go see a doctor, it’s the first thing to think about, and yes, garlic will help, but it doesn’t substitute a visit to the doctor.

  27. Hello Noah,

    I have about 20 small bald spots, alopecia areata for 17 years, 4 are as big as a american dime, rest are as big as a single peas. I was wondering would this treatment of garlic work. Can you please direct me step by step. Do you have to draw blood every other day or once and then rub the garlic every other day. Please to instruct

  28. aisha fatima says:

    i have very thin hair from childhood and now-a-days bald patches have also occured in my frontal part. Please let me how garlic can help me to get thicker hair. please i m in great distress

    • Sorry to read about this, you should try the steps shown in the comments above, mainly using garlic oil daily.

  29. Hello I had alopecia on the side of my scalp, half way between my ear and crown… I used the garlic and onion treatment and it worked very well… unfortunately I have it still on the side of my chin and cheek and is getting worse but never thought to use the treatment on my face, do you think it’ll have the same effects on my fave too? I would appreciate your input thanks a million…

  30. Is the other medication a steroid and is it conteaondicated in breat feeding I mean the moxidil
    Thank you

  31. Is the garlic safe to use in breastfeeding? Noticed change in babies stool.

  32. hey I m suffering from eczema
    pls tell how to treate it natutall

  33. Hi ,
    I think i am facing with alopecia barbae disease,
    Their is a small bald patch near my beard , from past 2 weeks.
    Kindly help in treatment.

  34. Hi,m from dubai,m 29yrs old female n suffering from alopecia, i had this problem abt 5 yrs ago,i went to doctor for chk up n she prescribed me some betnovate scalp drops to stop spreadn,n thn to use minoxidil,it did stopped but my hair never came back,now again i started seeing different patch.m jus so worried, cant concentrate on anything, will garlic oil help? Should it be pure garlic oil only or shd i mix it with mustard oil? How many times should i use in a week? And if i crush garlic n mix wid mustard do i have to referigerate it? Plz help me.thank you.

    • Noah Alam says:

      Sorry to read about your condition, try to use garlic oil, garlic cloves with olive oil, three times a week, no mustard oil. And yes, put it in the fridge.

    • Hey Raf, I know your situation in Dubai cz of heat or what so, I live there and was born there. I used the method of garlic, simply taking a piece of garlic open it and scrub the insides of the garlic into the bald spot, give it time and apply daily.

      Hopefully it heals. Since in ur Dubai there is a probability u r muslim who might be wearing Hijab. Whenever u get the opportunity to remove the Hijab it is better so you let air go into your head, I know this cz I used to wear lots of hats (due to heat of Dubai) and that affected me partially.

      Hope this helps.

  35. Hai I have AA for 12 years on my scalp. How ever I tried with dermatology she inject me steriod about 4 times. But no progress of regrowth. If I try now garlic it will regrow. What is the measurement how often can I use ( daily weekly or monthly ) also if I use fresh raw garlic paste on my scalp is good. Kindly reply me as zoos as possible



    • You need to use garlic oil daily, it’s efficient to some extent, good luck.

    • I have a Sam problem from 3 months I took 3 shots of cortisone injection and it’s doesn’t work. Then I try to use garlic every 2 days and Minoxdil twice daily and Elidel ones day and I find a good result. Hope we got will soon

  36. Sir please tell me how do I get garlic juice from it cloves ..thanks

    • Blend six cloves with a quarter of cup of water, then drink 🙂

      • Yeah 🙂 funny .. Anyhow Rather then I m using it on scalp. . thanks 🙂 and I have mix on of olive oil in it .. Is it OK ??

  37. Well the more over thing I want to know .. How many time do I have use it in a day ?? & how about if I us raw clove ?..

  38. Right now I am using it twice a day..

  39. hiii sir I am alopecia areata I have this problem since 10years..I used many steroid tablets.minoxidil&kenacort inj. in this treatment temprory came back hair.but again aftr 2month fall in my hair all of pleas I want other medicine how I can use medicine….

  40. Hello all,
    I had alopecia about 6 years ago. The bald spot was on the side of my head and was 6 x 7 cm in diameter.
    I used garlic after trying other remedies as I refused cortisone injections to my head!
    I would cut a clove of garlic in half and rub the flat part of it on the affected area for about 20 min while I watched a tv show, before bed time.
    I did this about 5 times in a span of 2 weeks. I then noticed stubble and stopped rubbing garlic, this was in February.
    By May, by bald spot was completely filled in. Within a year, the hair was about shoulder length. It is slightly thinner than before but that’s a small price to pay.
    Garlic is nature’s miraculous medicine!
    Good luck to all!

  41. Hello,
    Reading this garlic “magic” bexouse i’m tierd of my AA for about 10 eyars now.
    To be honest I’heard about this in wery begining. A friend get a spot on hes chin and he told me (some old lady told him “just rub haf of galic in u face son”, “for a week”! “And u be god!”
    That was back in 2005, about the same time a doctor told me ” it will get back in about 4-6 month, domt worry. So I toth, yeh rigt garlic, it just came back by it self (for my frend).
    An 10 years later my AA have not grown back. I have it at the both sides, arount my eyers and one spot in the back of my head.

    Other sports like on the chik, eyebrow, and some other places have grown back but those two big ones and the litle spot att tje back have not. Earlier this year I went to the doctor and he put some cortisone under the skin, told me to use rogaine (yeh rigt, I’know) but it did not help. Tgis summer I sow a guy with a big spot in the back of hes head at the store. So I asked hem outside litle about it and showed hem mine, he told me that; a friend of him (guy from midle east) hade it two, and when he wisited hes relatives some old dude back there rubed a garlic to guys head until it started to bleed. Then after a scackes was gone his friend started to grow hair. Becous I’m kind a har to cinvice person I started to look at the net regadring this. And come a cros this site (and some others) I will try this on my self, if it helps then a next step will be to find out exacly why. Some friends wery hi graded sientice hope they can find out more.
    I will also try to poste some pics or wideo links on youtube.

    (Sorry for spelling, Eng is not my native lang and spell control doesnt work on phones browser for some reason)


  42. I’ve tried this method but using a raw garlic clove cut in half and I just rubbed it on my bald spot:) this method totally worked for me,my hair from the bald spot is now at its original length after a couple of months

  43. I thought I was crazy and the only one who thought about it. I have AA and Is till have it, and I used to do this:

    Take Vaseline and patches of garlic (smash it) and mix them together and apply on the bald spot.

    I literally hate medicines of pharmaceuticals(I dont trust them, cz when I was a kid I was shot many things on my head and that didnt help)

    So what I did I direclty went for Garlic cz I dont trust Vaseline that much. I Simply take a piece of garlic, open it and scrub it on bald spots and I noticed within weeks hair was growing. But it took time. But nonetheless it did work.

    I got this method from the arabs (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine areas) Btw…you know the type of people who live on natural way and not live artificial life.
    But their method is a bit too much for me but I have seen it work, here it is if you are curious.

    What you do is scrub the bald spot in your head and keep on scrubing and scrubbing and scrubbing until blood comes out and then you take the piece of garlic open it and apply it at the bald spot to let the insides of the garlic go inside the head.

    I hope it helps others and I remember watching too many videos and I know the other thing is try to live healthy, do not deprive yourself from sweets and whatso neither over exhaust and try to drink lots of WATER and eat lots of vegetables. I know healthy life matters here.

  44. Usage of NUZEN herbal hair oil, will stop aa, it worked for me. It is Ayurvedic hair massage oil.

  45. Hi,
    in July, so it means 3 months ago a friend of mine was making my hair for a social event and found a spot 1×1 cm2 without hair. Probably, since I had a state exam 90 days later, I was under pressure more than I thought and my alopecia was getting worse. Then my BF found on a German website something about a garlic and I started googling in English and found this website.

    So a month ago, I started rubbing a clove of garlic (cut into half) on the scalp and magic – as it was somewhere written – 3 days later first white hairs appeared! Now it is one month, the amount of white hairs is increasing and in the corners of my place without hair (4×3,5cm) there are to be seen first dark hairs! So hopefully in a few months I will get all my hair back! Thx a lot for this website:)

    Btw I was trying minoxidil and it didnt work.. I actually tried more things but garlic is the first one that really works:). I even started eating a bit more of it than before as I have always liked it:)

  46. Hi there,

    Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful site this is helping people become more hopeful living with this disease.
    I have had Alopecia of the beard now for a good 4 years. White hair usually grows back relatively quickly, however the normal colour does not return for atleast a year.
    I’ve been reading throuhg the comments and can see this is mainly a remedy for hair loss form the scalp. Therefore can this be used on the beard? Would you suggest a less potent dose? I alos don’t like the sound of rubbing a raw garlic on my face, is there a process of being able to liquidise garlic?

  47. Bernardo Javien says:

    i use Kirkland extra strength minoxidil Topical solution USP 5%..and i drink Garlic Gold 3000mg capsule,,for my alopecia

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